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Welcome to bewCloud: The Simple Web Cloud Solution

Are you tired of the complexities and limitations of existing cloud platforms like Nextcloud and ownCloud?

Are you seeking a modern, streamlined alternative that offers unparalleled simplicity and efficiency?

Look no further than bewCloud – an innovative, open-source cloud solution crafted with TypeScript and Deno, using Fresh. 🦕 🍋

You can get the latest release here!

What's with the name?

bew is an anagram of web, similar to how deno is an anagram of node. 🤯

How does it look?

Here is some eye candy!

Login page




Desktop Sync

Mobile App



Who's working on this?

For now, and probably for a long time, just me, Bruno. 👋

What's wrong with Nextcloud or ownCloud?

To start, their resource footprints (CPU, memory) are huge when idle. This is partly because they have a lot of legacy to support, they're very extensible, and they're built with PHP.

Don't get me wrong, I currently use Nextcloud (not with a lot of apps, but the "core" ones that replaced Google and Apple in my life), but there have been many times when I wanted to just make some tweaks and improvements to some of the apps. The fact it's written in PHP and the whole thing is just so big and complex always threw me off and I end up just silently grunting over an accumulating list of annoyances.

For the last few years there were many times when I've considered building an alternative, but it's such a daunting task that I never even started it.

For some reason, now I've embraced the fact that I'm OK if this is a "never-ending project" that just benefits me and my family. I'm giving it a go. 🤷

Where's Contacts/Calendar (CardDav/CalDav)?! Wasn't this supposed to be a core Nextcloud replacement?

My focus was to get me to replace Nextcloud for me and my family ASAP (which I did already with v1, as it replaces News, Files, Photos, and Notes!), and it turned out the CalDav piece for recurring events was not easy to do well, so I focused on the other apps, since Radicale solved CalDav (and CardDav) better than my own solution (while being very efficient).

Since I'm not into reinventing the wheel, I don't think I'll work on bringing Contacts/CardDav or Calendar/CalDav back into it.

If you'd like to work on it yourself, check this tag/release for more info and the code where/when that was being done. Contacts/CardDav worked and Calendar/CalDav mostly worked as well at that point.

How to help?

You can star or participate in the GitHub repo and maybe make suggestions. Don't expect me to implement them if I don't benefit from them, unless they're quick and easy, though.

Feel free to make a donation if you think this is useful to you or anyone else, and I'll very much appreciate it!


P.S.: You can follow my monthly 1-minute updates on YouTube.